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No, it is NOT a Toyota RAV 4!
It is the new Chinese Chery SUV. And they claimed they developped it on their own. Which would mean that Toyota had nothing to do with it.
We’ll see if their legal department agrees with this one…

The engine is a Mitsubishi designed 2.4 Liter.
It doesn’t look bad, really. It is a pretty good copy of the original.
But… Can they really do that and get away with it???

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  1. That’s nice looking, but those stupid spare tires hanging off the back of SUVs like the RAV4 and CRV are a very bad design for 2 reasons:

    1. They override the rear bumper so that the tire becomes the bumper. Hit anything and the whole back end will be damaged including the rear window. Very expensive to repair.

    2. Dopes with spares overriding rear bumpers back into other cars and dent other cars’ hoods with the bottom edge of the tire. I try my best NEVER to park behind one of those horrors.

    Spare tires that override rear bumpers should be outlawed.

  2. Can they get away with copying? They can, and they do!! Intellectual property laws are virtually nonexistant in China. Selling products there is an invitation to counterfeiters.

  3. You are right about the spare tire!
    I always try to point this out to my friends who consider these cars.
    The whole rear window explodes in case of a minor fender bender. Imagine the situation with kids on the back seat!
    About the copyrights. I wonder what would happen once these designs are sold in other countries. I know GM is actually sueing Chery about a design, already!

  4. The RAV4 door is hinged on the right as Japanese drive on the left. The Chery door is hinged on the right but Chinese drive on the right. Inconvenient, just like RAV4 in America. One feature they copied without thinking.

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