Hongqi HQ3 Concept

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Well, isn’t that a mouth full.

This Chinese brand calls it a concept, but it looks like a total copy of the japanese Toyota Crown Majesta. Not sold in Europe or the States.
But look at the 2 cars. It’s pretty amazing.
It almost looks like it is a Toyota manufactured in China under license…The Koreans still do that with their larger models sold in Korea only.
But I don’t think this is!

That’s the Toyota. Pretty amazing isn’t it!

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  1. These cars don’t look half bad. If they are built decently and made widely available in the states the chinese could virtually take the whole u.s. market. Im sure people wouldnt mind buying one of these especially if the price is significantly lower than any comparable model.

  2. God Vince! You must be sooo tired of reporting about the tedious daily splurge of new chinese clones! “anonymous” may have a point, they will probably sell well in America, however Europe is another story. The British are car snobs, if it’s a luxury car it has to be a merc, audi or beemer and virtually everything else on the roads is made by PSA, Vauxhall, Ford, VW Group or Renault. It’s a shame really. If it’s bad in the UK its 100 times more severe in France, all yu see are Renaults, Peugeots and citroens. Good for them , at least they buy patriotically unlike us British. The French would never let PSA or Renault go under, whereas we don’t seem to give a S*@t when what used to be the worlds 4th largest automaker and is Britains last British owned volume manufacturer. Oh well

  3. Andrew, I know what you mean.
    It is a shame that Rover can’t be saved. Even the Americans saved Chrysler in the 70’s.
    I don’t know whay this is happening.
    I know about the European luxury car buying situation. This is why the Vel Satis and the Large Peugeot are not so hot. No matter how good they are.
    Opel and Ford even gave up that market.
    For most, it has to be Mercedes or BMW and that’s too bad…

    I also think that Chises car is the same as the Toyota (I hope). Otherwisw it has to be the cloest copy I ever saw.

  4. This car is the product of co-operation between FAW (China) and Toyota, based on Toyata Crown Majesta. So, you can see it uses most of the stuff of Majesta.

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