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If that is really the car Chery intends to sell here for aroung $20 000, start buying stocks..OOOPS!
It’s a Chinese brand, therefore owned by the Chinese government. No stocks there…

The design looks great. All we need to know now is: how it drives and if the quality is there. But these guys seem to be learning very fast. Much faster than the japanese ever did.

Just when the US brands finally started getting better…

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  1. We also need to know if it’s rear wheel drive, and if it’s a hardtop/convertible (it appears to be). Not bad…

  2. What do you mean learning fast? It looked identical to the Solara. They’ve learned to copy other people’s innovations for years. Fast.

  3. Why are people always asking if cars are RWD on here? I don’t get it, its 2005, RWD or FWD doesnt make much difference. One of the best handling cars on the market is the European Ford Focus which is front wheel drive. Its probably fair to say most front wheel drives are now on par with rear wheel drive vehicles on handling terms. I can almost guarantee this “convertible” is front wheel drive, reminds me of the Meganne and 307 CC.

  4. ” Why are people always asking if cars are RWD on here? I don’t get it, its 2005, RWD or FWD doesnt make much difference.”

    —When Shelby’s, Ferrari’s & Porsche’s start being made with FWD, then I’ll believe that load of crap. Ask for instance Mitsubishi why Eclipse sales have fallen into the toilet amidst the revival of RWD cars. Then ask yourself this: since there ain’t anybody out there who wouldn’t buy one because it’s RWD… but there *are* plenty of us who won’t buy one because it’s FWD… what would *you* build?

  5. For 99% of car buyers, it doesn’t matter if a car if FWD or RWD.
    What is the market share of Ferrari or Porsche anyway ??
    People would rather have more room and better traction.
    I know there is a recent revival of RWD, in the US mostly.
    But that is mainly because most US car makers are going nuts over more and more horsepower.
    In that case, only RWD will do.
    That is just an insane trend. Who needs (especially in 65mph US roads) a V8 midsized car?!?!?

    For most people, FWD is just more practical.

  6. I’m inclined to believe that for most *automakers* FWD is more practical. I’ve driven FWD cars thru snow and rain and never been impressed with their “increased traction”. I HAVE noticed how treacherous they are when they break away on a wet road, as all the weight, steering and power is in the front end. We don’t walk on our hands after all 🙂
    And Mitsubishi is touting a new high-output 6 for their new FWD Eclipse. Sorry Vince, I don’t care how good it looks… FWD has *always* kept me from owning an Eclipse and always will.
    But I’m talking about sports cars/coupes here, not family sedans, wagons, or more pedestrian means of transportation.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with your comments on fwd/rwd vince. Lets face it that chinese convertible is gunna be as sporty as a doughnut so who cares from which end the wheels move?!

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