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As you can see on this picture, the production version of the new Chery sedan looks like an almost complete copy on the US market Nissan Altima and Maxima models. Not the Avensis…

It looks so much like the Nisssan that I can’t imagine the Chinese even trying to sell this one in the US.
The country IS run by lawers after all…
It is powered by a 1.6 or a 2.0 Liter engine. And is offered with a regular automatic or CVT.
And it is about the size of an Audi A4. So quite a bit smaller than a Maxima or even Altima.

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  1. Now this, although smaller as you say, is a direct rip-off of the Nissan Maxima. I just can’t believe that even in China, Rip-offs like this can be taken without some kind of loss. You would figure that the Chinese people would want something original, not some rip off of their neighboring country Japan. This could start some kind of ‘ban’ for the China car companies to even be exported to other companies because of their lack of “business sense”. I know I wouldn’t buy one. Although it does look pretty nice and run much less that the original car that it is ripping off =o).

  2. The Japanese started copying, then they became innovators.

    The first 4 door Accord from 1979 looked much like a small Mercedes from the side–after a few years, Honda’s styles were original.

    The Chinese will probably follow a similar path. They’ll have to be competitive because there’s already overcapacity in the auto business and Chinese entries will make it more so.

  3. I just went on that site.
    New picture of the same car. Just a cheaper version with black trim. And a pre production model.
    A different angle too, but it is very close to the Maxima design. Smaller proportions and cheaper looking .
    The old Hondas kind of looked like Mercedes designs, just like the current Lexus LS does. But they are not (almost) exact copies. That is really weird…

  4. well you may think this new chery looks like the altima, but it looks like more of the maxima. the headlights are almost completely identical! the altima is a much better looking car, and now since they “freshened” the exterior, it looks even more different. i mean, look how the door windows blend in with the c-pillar! almost EXACTLY like the maxima, not altima. hey, maybe you should post a picture of the new altima and the new chery then the maxima and the chery. you might actually be surprised.

  5. You are right. It does look more like the Maxima.
    And I already posted some pictures of their crossover a few weeks ago. That model actually seems very nice. With a super modern interior.
    It could be the one that puts them on the map in the US. And it has a small engine (2.0). With gas prices pushing $3 a gallon, that should be a big plus.

  6. the actual cheryl a21 looks a lot less like the maxima than the pic suggests…did a google and came up with this link:just a case of a plagarized press pic?

  7. i was bored and found this new crossover from chery on google, but theres one thing- it doens’t look like any other car on the market! surprise!

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