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The interior seems a bit nicer here. Without the horrible “all wood” steering wheel…
Too bad they don’t want to mix the wood with aluminum finish. Like Lexus does on the all new IS.

No more keys. Just “stick it in”!

The “floating armrest”. A cool looking feature. Part of an almost futurist door panel design.
But also convenient for large stuff, like a map.
Better than a GPS…

That’s the hand brake! Just a button on the dash, next to the lights.
It’s just a great design.
Jaguar already offers an electronic parking brake on the S and XJ models. But it is still on the console, where it used to be.
This is a much better idea.

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  1. Somehow the idea of an electronic parking brake freaks me out. What happens if the system short-circuits and actuates the brake while you’re driving? (VW is well-known for electrical problems). Some functions are better off being a simple and dumb mechanical (rather than complex and electrical) system.

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