Peugeot 907

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Still a concept, but a few steps closer to reality. With a V12 good for 500hp.
Some people at Peugeot are talking about a limited run of 1000 units a year at 150 000 Euros each!

That’s right, 150 000 Euros. Over $200 000.
A big stretch for the French car maker.
They are facing the same problem Cadillac is: Should they build an ultra luxury, expensive car?
1000 seems a lot of cars. That’s almost as much as the Bentley GT.

And for less money, the GT is…. A Bentley!

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  1. Although this would be overpriced it would probably sell well. The French are fiercely loyal and buy Renault Vel Satises and pug 607s over BMWs. Also although Peugeot sells cheaper cars its percieved as a sporty marque. Hope this does go into production!

  2. It looks kinda cool, almost reminds me of the chrysler firepower concept but that thing was way cooler. The interior on this thing seems a little sparse though for such a car.

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