Please, not Pontiac!

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Let’s hope GM doesn’t decide to kill Pontiac…
They are coming with their best cars in decades!
That brand was one of the only bright spots at the recent auto shows!

This gorgeous $20 000 Solstice is coming out very soon.
If anything can revive a brand, that should be it.
Although all the Miata did for Mazda was… Selling a lot of Miatas.
It didn’t help much with their other models.

And this $28 000 G6 hard top convertible also looks great!
But the next Chrysler Sebring is also rumored to have a hard top.
So the Pontiac won’t be that unique in a couple of years.
But hey, these 2 cars still look pretty amazing, and the prices are right!
I think Pontiac is becoming a true competitior to Toyota. Almost making Saturn obsolite.

All they need is good advertizing, and a bit of patience…

If they really must get rid of a brand, how about GMC. The Chevy trucks clone.
Or even Buick. I don’t see much of their new Lacrosse model around.
That was supposed to be some kind of a “sure thing”.

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  1. Vince i agree whole heartedly with your comment on Buick and GMC. They have to be mothballed. And why not Saturn as well. This is the order I’d like to see for GM’s surviving brands.


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