T2X Concept

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Another useless concept. Just a tease.This will never be produced.
It would be nice if at least they could use that cool front end on an actual car.

The weird thing is: it is supposed to be the “Chevrolet T2X Concept”. But it still wears a Daewoo badge…
I know Daewoos are sold as Chevys in Europe.. But…


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  1. That thing looks really well styled. I like it a lot. Imagine if they did build that as a chevy in the u.s.

  2. I hate these nitwit concept cars–especially those from Generally Stupid Motors.

    Concepts are never brought to life–the concept car’s name is just slapped onto a bland nothing of a car with a driveline that’s old enough to vote.

    Enough, already with phony concept teases!

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