They will be missed…

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MG Rover might finally be on its way out. This time for good.
They were owned by BMW until a few years ago.
And a new deal with a Chinese company was supposed to “save” the company, but that all went sour last week.
They are know thinking of closing down the comapny for good.
That is really too bad. MG Rover was the last true British car company.
All the others are own by foreign corporations.

This Rover 75 came out when BMW still owned the brand. And it still looks great. The interior is even more modern than the Jaguar X type!
And it is available with 4, 6 or even 8 cilynder engines.
BMW never had the guts to send this one over here though…

And this cool little MG…
It came out in… and still loos good now. A popular competition to the Miata in Europe.
Of course it could have worked here…

And what about the models that were supposed to come out soon. Like, (maybe) this great looking Rover Coupe!
Or the new compacts!
The British covernment annouced some kind of an aid package.
Let’s hope it’s enought until they can find someone.

They would be missed…

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  1. I agree – great looking cars! I’m really pissed the MG isn’t imported. Looks great, and it HAS to be better-built than the old ones that were imported. Vince, are these Rover cars front or rear-wheel drive?

  2. The Rover 75 is FWD.
    I am not sure how it can handle all the 260hp from the 4.6Liter V8…
    But the MG is RWD, with a mid engine. Kind of like the Toyota MR2.
    The MG came out in 1995 and still looks good.
    The Rover 75 came out in 1998.With a new front end last year.
    They also make the Rover 25 and 45. These were derived from Hondas, back in the days when Rovers were actually based on Hondas.
    These smaller models were supposed to be redesigned this year… Too bad.

  3. The Rover 75 V8 and Mg ZT 260 are both rear wheel drive other derivitives are front wheel drive. 5000 Workers were laid off today :o( its not looking good, the chances are that the MG brand will continue though. Its really sad that Rover will die in its centenery year though. Just thought i should say that only the 45 is based on a Honda, the 25 is based partly on a platform derived from the 1980s Austin Maestro… another legendary British brand which is no more 🙁

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