1965 Oldsmobile

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Nothing new here.
Just a cool picture of times long gone.
The car is nothing to look at, actually. But the whole picture tells a story of a time when the future looked bright.

Olsdmobile itself is not even here anymore!

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  1. You say that 1965 Olds is nothing to look at, I totally disagree, I did not like them in 1965 but compared to all the garbage styling
    on the road today, Japanese, German, etc, it looks pretty good.

  2. I totally agree with anonymous…
    Give me a 65 Olds Cutless anyday.

    Vince your total hate for anything from GM is starting to wear very thin with most who are not brainwashed by the evil Toyota, monster, or the love of cars from China.

    P.S. I look in the toilet next time I take a crap to see what cars your going like next!

  3. I can’t think where you got the idea that I hate GM products….
    I just think they’ve made so many mistakes, it is now very hard for them to be taken seriously.
    I love the HHR. The Solstice, G6 Convertible.
    And I think the new Impala and Cobalt are finally good choices.

    But they’ve ruined these brands. Most people won’t even consider these cars. That’s too bad, but it’s just the way it is.
    And I have praised them before on this site. You should actually read under the pictures.

    But you have to admit, this 65 Olds is far from being their best work.
    Just being old doesn’t make it good…

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