2006 Ford Explorer

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, here it comes:The revised (not all new) 2006 Explorer.
That new grille just makes things even worse.
Inside, it’s a bit better. Same thing as the “revised” Mercury version, but with ugly, cheap looking fake wood instead of aluminum finish…
Just when people start getting into car based SUV types, they are still pushing this ugly, trucky, gas guzzling thing onto families…
Good luck with that!

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  1. While the explorer is still a solid vehicle, you would think they would have been able to do more with the exterior styling in the refresh because it seems like they have been working on and testing this version for a really really long time.

    Its not a bad refresh, and it was definetly needed after the original quickly got boring, but after this long, you would think they could have done more.

  2. You are right. I’ve seen prototypes of this for over 2 years, testing around Los Angeles.
    The interior is the only big news.
    But I really think there is no reason to actually buy this. Anything else is better. Either better off road (for the very, very few who actually do that), or on the road.
    This drives like a late 70’s car. And it is not safe.
    I have seen my share of them upside down in the Hollywood Hills over the years…
    Actual mileage for the V6 averages about 14mpg.
    It is basically, what people call.. Crap.

  3. maybe ford was thinking dont mess with the formula to much, the explorer still being the best selling suv, only thing all that chrome doesnt match all that plastic on the body. ive driven this year explorer its not the 1970 suburban this descriptio made it out to be, good but not perfect, but what car is…… let the consumers decide i say and they sell well

  4. oh-oh what have we here? Gas prices are going to the roof and Ford’s answer is to produce a refreshed interior of Explorer? Avg. mileage of vehicles like these are low teens. Ford like GM is very slow to changing market trends and is losing market share because of this…this will still sell however but not in high volume numbers as people think. I see a Toyota some day in Ford’s future.

  5. The front end has an Audi look to it IMO–more angular, but Audi-ish.

    No surprise because the Ford 500 looks like an Audi, too. Ford hired Audi’s former designer so Fords look like Audis now.

    They bore the crap out of me–Audi isn’t a thing of beauty IMO and Fords are, well, Fords.

  6. For all the criticism Explorers have gotten over the years, they have always been smartly styled and reserved. This big plastichrome honkin grille is like a gold tooth on James Bond. It looks like what it is, poorly grafted-on afterthought.

  7. say what you want – the explorer remains the best selling SUV in the US, and in the world, as it has been since the very first day it rolled off the line. why fix what’s not broken? they made some subtle changes to one of the most successful vehicles in their history.

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