2006 Honda Civic (US)

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From Japan we get this early preview of what the Civic Sedan (the one we’ll get over here) will look like in a few months.
It is larger, and much more modern looking, thank God…

But it is still not nearly as good looking as the hatchback Europe and Japan will get.
Engines are rumored to be at aroung 140hp for regular models. And the Si will top at aroung 200hp!

Let’s hope they still import the new 4 door hatch as the 2006 Civic Hybrid. That would be great!

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  1. How is Honda going to answer the WRX, Mazda 6, Lancer, Dodge SR4Ti, and now Cobalt? There is rising popularity in these compact rockets! The only thing Honda is currently offering is the 2005 Si but only available in a H/Back!

    It’s great that Honda is pioneering Hybrid vehicles and great fuel mileage, but styling? C’mon! Whatever happened to the low-slung, narrow head and tail lights, flared fenders and the DOHC VTec? Let’s get back to what brought all of us to the Civic model in the first place: sporty looks, performance, and solid reliability. Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda and even Toyota’s venture into this greatly expanding sector should be a glaring embarrassment!

    I look at the new Civics (yawn) and think “why?” I can spend 20K on a new Civic, and have to do a motor swap, exhaust and intake and turbo or supercharge it just to compete with a f#$%ing Imprezza or Cobalt!!!! Now I’ve about a 35K Civic full of mods that void every warranty Honda offers. I may as well buy an RSX and forget about it all. Had sad has the Civic become, from fame to shame!

    I can’t be the only one who feels this way! C’mon Honda, you’ve lost the edge!!!

  2. snore…
    Guess you have to buy Toyota, Mits or (oh my god) Chevy Cobalt or Neon SR4T to get performance from the compact class. What happened to Civic roots? Sporty styling and VTEC power? If you buy a Civic these days, your first investment has to be a motor swap. Pretty sad…

  3. I wish HMC would read these reviews. Phil nailed it! I see so many Lancers on the road it makes me sick! The Civic styling started to decline with the 96 model year with those huge, bulbous headlites!
    Now we have a boring and tame, squared-up Civic that grandma likes too! What market is Honda going after? Just playin’ it safe tryin’ to plz everyone? Civic – the new generic “family” car…

  4. That photo isn’t clear enough to tell what the new Civic will REALLY look like.

    The fact is that Civics are not as good a Accords and probably never will be because they’re lower-priced cars.

    If you want a great Honda, buy the Accord and consider the Civic only if you need something smaller.

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