2006 Opel Frontera

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You can see on these pictures, that the next Frontera looks really close to that Chevy S3X concept from last year. Actually a new Daewoo.
I guess they decided it would make a better Opel than a Chevy in Europe.
I just wonder who is going to sell it in the US. Usually, the new Dawoos are sold as Suzukis over here.
But that coulds also end up being a “smaller than Equinox” SUV in Chevy’s US line up.
Could that mean that ALL US smaller Chevys could end up being re-badged Daewoos??? (a weird thought)
And I’ve also heard rumors it might be the next Saurn Vue.

Why not…

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  1. i forget where i read it at, i believe it was a new magazine off the newstand, but it had that vehicle with the saab front end, showing that saab would be getting a version of this vehicle.

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