2006 Renault Twingo?

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Let’s hope not.
The Twingo should be much more original than this. Just like the current one when it came out.
This looks like something VW or Toyota would put out.

We’ll see…

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  1. That has a very similar side profile to a Citroen C2, and almost looks like it’s a photoshop of it. I’ve seen spyshots of the new Twingo, and it doesnt look a bit like that, don’t worry vince :o)

  2. Andrew.
    Where did you see the spy shots of the new Twingo??
    I haven’t seen any yet. Lots of pics of the Clio, but not the Twingo…

  3. There have been pictures in UK mags such as Autoexpress (unreliable) and AutoCar (reliable) for ages. All of the pics, (i think there was one spyshot too) seem to be playing on the cute, but slightly more muscular theme. The side profile of the pic on ur site doesnt look like a renault profile to me. I may be wrong though. Where did u get the picture from? Or is it secret?

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