2007 Ford 500

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Sales are picking up, but not that much.
Responding to critics and low numbers, Ford will revise their large sedan in a little over a year.
That also should include the new 3.5 Liter V6.
That engine should end up in the Mustang, Zephyr and as an option on the Fusion as well.

The current 500 is one of the least interesting looking cars on the market. And the interior seems well put together, but is also really plain. Some dealers are now offering big discounts and I have seen them for under $20 000!
At that price, the car is a really good deal. If you’re looking for a large family car. The cheapest Avalon I saw was still over $23 000.
I have to admit though, the extra $3000 are worth it…

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  1. The Ford 500 is a boring Audi clone IMO. Even though it’s a bargain at under $20K, resale will probably be awful and the Avalon would be a better choice despite its higher cost.

  2. As “boring” as the Ford 500’s styling may be – and there are few exciting designs in this class – the Avalon is far uglier.

  3. The 500 is a stylishly reserved design. I’m starting to see them everywhere, mostly with AWD and well optioned so I suspect they aren’t fleet cars. Thank god! Ford needs to address the horrible fake wood grain before anyone can honestly compare the interior to an A4/Passat. Ford, please find an attractive material if you aren’t going to use real wood veneer. The lack of a serious engine has unfortunately killed a lot of interest in the 500. A conservative car with a powerful engine is okay, but a conservative car with an engine that struggles is bland. Looks-wise, the 500 trumps the mangled Avalon.

  4. Looks better, but it looks exactly like the Fusion. Not similar or in the same family, but from the front I would have a hard time distinguishing them. Lazy.

  5. I have seen much worse.
    If that is the worst you’ve EVER seen, you’ve never read “Popular mechanics”..
    And I do beleive this is just an illustration, by the way.
    But I think there won’t be much surprises when they actually show the real thing next year.

  6. Omy! I looked at the picture and thought that you had made a mistake and put the Fusion’s picture on a blog about the 500! Then I looked at the rear profile and saw differently. Dang.

  7. The 2007 Ford FiveHundred won’ tlook anything like this ‘chop’. All Ford will do is take the current 500 and add three bars to the grill. The headlamps and most of the sheetmetal will remain the same. Think about it: it’s a refresh only 2 years in the making. The factory will not do any kind of major retooling before they have to for a major redesign. Vince – you should really put a disclaimer with all of your ‘photo illustrations’: especially on those that are as obvious as this and not try to pass it off as the real thing, because that’s just not cool.

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