2007 Toyota Camry

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Very early pictures of the next Camry were presented to a few “lucky ones” at some banquet a few days ago.
And from what I can see, they have another super best seller on their hands.

It looks more modern than most other mid sized sedans on the US market. A really big step forward from the current model.
And it will also be available as a Hybrid. Let’s just hope the Hybrid is coupled with the 2.4 Liter engine and not the V6.
A true hybrid should be about saving gas, not more power.
The Accord Hybrid has it all wrong…

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  1. Looks like Toyota is copying the “Bangle Butt” from the most recent BMW’s. I thought there was a hint of Bangleness in the new Avalon, but these pics clinch it.

  2. it looks like a big is, make toyota look like lexus (like they do now) and than lexus will have original desighns…..lol, but not bad for a camry.

  3. What’s up with the ugly butt end? Didn’t anyone tell Toy-odor when they copy someone else’s design, they should copy the nice looking ones.

  4. That’s not the new camry, that’s the ugly new toyota avalon, it’s been on sale for a couple months, i am surprised you haven’t seen the stupid commericals for it.

  5. I actually think its quite beautiful. Looks muscular and has a nice stance to it. Cant wait to see some better photos of it. Thanks for showing us these photos! I love this website!

  6. the front end looks like my 2004 mazda3….can’t they do anything original when it comes to design? rhetorical question…i know the answer.

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