225 HP Corolla !

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Don’t panic!
This version is for Europe only!
They use a compressor with the regular 1.8 Liter engine. So it could be offered here if they really wanted to.
But, like the hatchback design, we’ll never get this.

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  1. Why do Americans not buy hatchbacks? I mean they normally look way better than saloons/sedans especially when the car is offered in both saloon and hatch shape. Also they are way way more practical, with a bigger load area and generally bigger boot capacity! On top of this from my experience hatchbacks have better rear visibility in my experience and the hatch is useful to shelter on whilst loading/ unloading when its raining, so why do americans prefer sedans!!!!??

  2. You are right.
    I think Americans like sedans because they have this weird idea that sedans look more expensive. The US is mostly a country where people want to get what they feel is, the most for their money, NOT the best.
    Most people will buy a TV as big as they can afford. But they won’t look for the best picture.
    Same thing with cars. They think a sedan is more upscale looking.
    I think this sick “love for SUVs” will actually push people into hatchbacks. After all, these monsters are all hatchbacks. People might eventually wake up and get tired of they daily 14 mpg, but they will still like the conveneince of a hatch.
    I see a lot of Focuses hatch, Mazda3 hatch around.
    So I think there is a slow turnaround.
    And Dodge is supposed to come up with mostly hatchback designs in the coming years. They will basically be hatchback versions of Chrysler models.
    That is also why they want to start pushing that brand in Europe…
    There is hope.

  3. I hope so! I’m planning on spending some time in america after i go to uni, and i currently enjoy 65 miles to the gallon and dont want to give that up! Also i bet my car is faster than a lot of those gas guzzling trucks people buy!

  4. So you think that all these fixed up coupes (meaning non-Hatchback) are on the road because because there is more of them. Go to any street race, open track, or car show and you’ll see people wants coupes (again, meaning nono-hatchback). Do you know where the hatchback came from? The AMC Pacer and Gremlins!! I don’t like to feel like I’m driving in a fishbowl and like the idea that I can put something in my trunk and know it’s safe and secure, away from wandering eyes…
    Whatever happened to the 2door sports coupe? Now we have 4door “sport sedans”, and oh yes, the Hatchback…

  5. Anonomous, firstly, hatchbacks are a European invention. If you think a hatchback is like a fishbowl you must need your eyesight checking. Look at the Alfa 147 for example… Also Hatchbacks are as secure as sedans. You can’t see that you have in a hatchbacks boot. If you want to break into as sedans boot you just have to smash the window open the door and use the boot release or fold down the back seats.

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