Maybach Coupe

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As I mention often. I am not into these super expensive cars. I am more interested into what people actually drive.
But this does look much more interesting than the bland Maybach sedan. I actually saw a couple of them around Hollywood. And it is completelly invisible. Unlike the new Rolls Royce. For over $300 000, that’s a little bid sad…
But the Exelero Coupe looks like a production version of the Batmobile! (A Batmobile with an ugly grille that is)
A great Hollywood car!

This is officially labeled a “concept”, but don’t be fooled.
This 700hp, 5.9Liter V12 machine should be available soon, to movie stars and their wealthy plastic surgeons…

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  1. i think its nice other than the grill, it would be nice return car for packard, or a duesenburg. is it slr are based(judging by the wheels and windshield) or based on the cl.

  2. This is the car I dream about in my nightmares. Or it could be one of those cars for like rich drug dealers.

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