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Don’t panic. Thid is the version that Mitsubishi will soon start selling in the Chines/Tawain market.
This is, again, not for us.
And that’s pretty weird. It is, after all, based on the US version of the Galant. You can tell the profile is the same.
I think this would actually sell much better in the US than what they offer now. The US galant’s interior looks like it was designed by Klingons.
This is much closer to what the Camry owner is looking for. The interior is almost “Lexus like”.
But, I guess, it doesn’t fit the “young audience” Mitsubishi is desperately looking for in the US.
With all the rebates on Outlanders, Freelanders, Galants and Lancers, it looks like they’re going after the wrong crowd.
Or they don’t have the right products to do so.

If the new Eclipse isn’t a hit, I would stay away from getting a Mitsubishi. You might end up with an Oldsmobile…

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  1. do you have spell check ? typos daily get with it ! where is this selling in chine ??? never heard of them !

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