Mtsubishi. Cool ???

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Mitsubishi is just now the japanese alternative to the cheaper Korean cars in the US.
They only sell thanks to massive incentives and extra long waranties.
But they do have a couple of “cool” products. So why don’t they bring that stuff over here???

This Mistsubishi Colt convertible doesn’t look to me like it needs a $2000 rebate to fly off the showrooms.It’s the only thing close to a Mini or Beetle convertible.
What is wrong with these guys? Someone needs to turn that boat around, and quickly…

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  1. I don’t think so.
    They did it for the Mini Cooper, the Beetle.
    And the much smaller Smart Fortwo is coming here.

  2. Hope you’re correct on that one, Vince.
    The baby Mitsu is a cutie and that company needs all the help in can get.

  3. instead of a small niche vehichle mitsubishi should be working the desighns of its more mainstream cars. cars like this dont sell in big #’s, and it lacks the appeal of the other subcompacts mentioned, its sorta like a japanese geo convertible.

  4. Mitsubishi would be crazy not to concentrate on niche cars as niche cars are now big sellers. Just look at the Peugeot 206cc, MG TF and Citroen Pluriel. All niche cars, all sell well. The Ford streetka which was a flop even broke even! Besides I’m not even convinced that this is a niche car as it is based on what is Mitsubishis biggest seller or at least one of their biggest sellers.

  5. Of course they need to sell more Galants. Or whatever they can come up with to compete with the Camry.
    But they do need some image leader. Something that tells people that they’re not just about rebates and waranties…
    Like Mazda did with the Miata. Chrysler with the PT Cruiser etc….
    Everyone does it.
    They need something, fast.
    Seems like they are putting all their “cool image” eggs into the new Eclipse
    Good luck!

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