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Above is a pic of the slightly revised Opel Vectra for Europe.
Right under it, is the 2006 Saturn Aura.
Finally, GM wised up and is using Opel designs for the US.
And I’m not talking about the weird Opel designed but Isuzu built Kadett from the 70’s.
The front ends are almost the same, but some changes in the profile actually make the Saturn look better.

But please GM, don’t mention again that the competion for the Aura “includes the Acura TL…”
That is just insane. These 2 cars are not even in the same league, and I don’t think anyone shopping for a TL would even consider stepping into a Saturn dealership.

Just sell it for what it is: an alternative to the Camry/Accord/Altima/Mazda6.

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  1. The saturn definetly looks better.

    If you look closeley there are significant differnces between the body details of the two cars. For example the roofline, door openings, and rear of the car are not the same.

    This could be an amazing entry for saturn if they stay close to the concept and keep that upscale look instead of just breaking it down into a rebadged malibu.

  2. the aura would be a good match for the tl, if it wasnt a saturn, its interior seems more detailed than the cts, and with better choice of materials. but the vectra does look like the malibu with the auras front end hopefully saturn wont get that…

  3. You’re right..
    I just hope they keep it just like the concept. And not like the Vectra. That would be the last nail in Saturn’s coffin…

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