Porsche Cayman

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Cayman, not caveman…
This “all new” model is actually the coupe version of the Boxter convertible.
The 2 seater has more luggage room than the convertible, thanks to a hatch.
And it has a new 3.4 Liter engine with almost 300hp.
Not sure about the pricing so far. The base price in Germany is just above 50 000 Euros.
That would mean around $60 000 in the US. That would be a lot of money for the hardtop version of a $45000 convertible!

I am not really into Porsche, so I don’t really care. And I think this design is almost weird. A fine line between “old fashion” and strange. The whole thing almost looks like it melted…

For 99% of us, a Nissan Z should be just fine…

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  1. i love porsches, but that aside, autoweek has more pictures of the cayman and it looked good, the price is high but they are suppose to be making a cheaper version. my problem, is with the 911 having a back seat that u really cant use, and is basically a 2 seater it seems the cayman may eat away as sells of the 911, identical performance, for like 10000 less…?

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