Seat in the US!!!

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That’s what Andreas Schleef (the big guy at Seat ) is saying!
We should be getting the Spanish cars over here, but not before 2008.
Which means none of the current line up might actually make it.
But that’s OK. The next designs should look even better!
And they are supposed to include a larger Crossover/Wagon type car for the US.

Mr.Schleef claims that the Spanish name might become very popular among the (growing) US Spanish population. And they should atract a younger audience than VW.
All cars sold in the US would be made in the VW Puebla plant in Mexico.

Here is a recent pic of Babs Muller (My brother’s ex…Go to the main site for more on her.) at a european Seat meeting.

If that is the kind of “younger audience” Andreas is refering to , I say: Hurry up!!!

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  1. “Mr.Schleef claims that the Spanish name might become very popular among the (growing) US Spanish population.”

    This isn’t really true. We have a large Hispanic population here in the States that happens to speak Spanish…not a large Spanish population made up of Spaniards. And while I’ll give you that the name is very popular in Europe — especially with Spaniards and other Southern Europeans — most Hispanics in the United States wouldn’t really know of it. I don’t say that as being offensive, only that most Hispanics living here aren’t from Spain — they’re from Hispanic countries in Central and South America. However, SEAT has been selling cars in markets like Mexico, so from this persepective, it’s a legitamite reason to come to the States since there is name recognition there.

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