Suzuki Escudo

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Even thought it kind of looks like it, it is not based on the Saturn Vue platform.
It should be replacing the Grand Vitara in the US line up. And it is available with the 2.7Liter V6.

It looks OK, but it is nothing special really. The steering wheel and shifter are very Mazda. So are the vents. Everyone now use this shape. And the overall design is a blend of Escape and RAV4…
It doesn’t even has a hatch, but a door in the back. Which, of course, in the US will end up opening the wrong way. Just like the RAV4. (the side of moving cars, not the sidewalk)
And the spare wheel attached to the rear door is also a horrible idea. Any small hit would shatter the rear window. Great when you have kids in the back.

But SUVs aren’t really about safety, are they…

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  1. Spare tire is megastupid because in addition to being a fragile bumper, the spare dents the hoods of cars parked behind.

    Body parts that override bumpers should be outlawed IMO.

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