2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I have to admit, the PT Cruiser has been one of my favorite cars since it came out. Even before!
I couldn’t believe Chrysler could actually produce such a cool looking car.
I almost bought one, after all the “dealer gouging craze” that is…
The 2006 revision doesn’t bring anything great outside. New lights anf bumpers don’t really make a new car.
The big news are inside. And I am not sure if I like it yet. The interior was never bad. But I guess after about 5 years, it is time for something different..
To me, the big news is (finally) the availability of a light colored interior. Instead of dark brown or even black.
They also claim the 2006 is much quiter than before. A welcome improvement.

I wonder if all this will be enought to get current PT owners to not switch to the Chvey HHR. The HHR is roomier ind does have a better engine. Plus, it is really all new.

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  1. it appears they tried to ruin the desighn, cars like this cant really be redesighned effectively, by changing the grill they changed, the original point of the retro theme, the interior looks way to metallic, they should have just waited, for a new car. on a side note the prowler was the same way, thing is now they have the right engine for the prowler and they no longer make it.

  2. I like the Chevy HHR much better. This warmed over redu is nothing more than stale nachos on day old cheese.


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