2006 Mercury Milan price

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The Milan will start at $18 995. $1000 more than the ford cousin, the Fusion.
I am not sure what equipment you get for the extra $1000. But that price does includes delivery.
What you get is actually an even better looking car than the Fusion. And the similar interior is a bit more upscale, thanks to aluminum or wood finish.
Too bad Ford has been destroying the Mercury name for the past few decades. Almost no one in the market for a family car would even set foot in a Mercurey dealer.
They have a lot of work to do to make sure people even know that car exists.
Some even think the Mercury brand died years ago!
But if they can manage to offer a cheap lease, comparable to the $199/month Nissan offers on the Altima, that could be a great choice. And you don’t have to care about resale value.( which would have to be pretty crapy).

(OK… It’s been in the 90’s all week. Time to go to the beach!)

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  1. I think mercury’s image problems are nearly gone. Before, Mercury featured a withering lineup of a few old and boring models, now that those are gone they nearly have a clean slate to work with. Gm on the other hand loves keeping around many old models and platforms wich often give off hints to the consumer that they sell poor quality cars; especially when they try to sell the new models.

  2. Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo Mondeo

    look at the side on profile. the interior is virtually identicle

  3. “Mondeo, Mondeo,Mondeo…”
    That’s funny because it is NOT at all related to the European Mondeo. It is based n the Mazda 6.
    I guess they could have brought the Mondeo over here..

  4. I know its not related. Thing is why bother basing it on the Mazda 6 when you end up with a car which is incredibly similar to the mondeo both inside and out?! Especially after what ive read in magazines, the Mondeo is apparently far more tallented than the Mazda 6. (applies to the Fusion as well)

  5. I think I’d rather have a Mazda 6 than any Ford based on a Mazda 6.

    Maybe it’ll be different this time, but the Ford Escort from the early 1990s was based on the Mazda Protege, but the Protege was a MUCH better car in many respects.

    The Mazda 6 is a good, but not a great car. I’ll be surprised if the Ford is any better and not at all surprised if the Ford and Mercury versions are lousy compared with Accords, Camrys, etc.

  6. I saw 3 of them on the road visiting Florida last week. They are very good looking cars on the outside.

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