2006 S Class

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On these official pictures, the new S class looks pretty nice.
Mercedes has done a much better job than BMW at modernizing their designs.
This car is still classy and tasteful. I can’t say the same about the 7 series.
Most new BMWs are clumzy tortured designs. This is modern, but still very elegant.

It is just too bad about the very old looking interior. It even reminds me of the 1980’s Lincoln continental dash. With even a bit of the BMW 7 series.
There are 2 different shapes sitting on top of it. And they don’t really go together.

I guess for less money, the CLS has a much more striking personality. And a great interior.

But what do I care, really. So few of us will even get to ever actually drive one. It doesn’t really matter.

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  1. a car this exspensive and unoriginal? its interior, looks like the new 7 series including the matte finish wood trim, arm rest, and rear vents, while its display looks pulled right off the audi a6, the dash shape reminds me of the q45, and overall it looks alot like the hyundai azera, unoriginality comes at a high price…

  2. What happened to Mercedes’ (and BMW, Audi) clean, purposeful, straight-forward interiors designed solely for the driver’s function and not just to elicit oohs and ahhs from passengers? This is one of the worst interiors I’ve seen on any modern car, and all looks in its direction should be accompanied by pointing and giggling.

  3. Am i the only person who likes the interior!? I got hold of some really high res press pics and it looked impressive. Maybe i have bad taste!

    I think merc has failed big time with the exterior. From the side it looks slightly Peugeot 607ish and the rear lights are just nasty. I’d rather have a Jag XJ or a Audi A8 anyday!

  4. HAHA!! Look @ the two center air vents and the display thingy underneath them! It looks like the face of a robot, the vents being the eyes and the black display thing being its mouth. I think this whole car might be a robot and not a human car. Just like the BMW.

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