2006 VW “new” New Beetle

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I don’t think they “ruined” that great design. But the problem is: why even bother???
The New Beetle is one of the best car designs out there and there is no good reason to move away from the original 1994 “Concept one” design.
Why try to make it more angular? Isn’t the “Bug ” the one car in the world that is supposed to be round?

The interior modifications were really done on the cheap! Almost no change at all. Except a few chrome bits, cupholders, and instruments. All these details make it just a bit closer to an Audi. Is there really a point to that???
Shouldn’t the beetle be THE VW that actually feels and looks like a VW.
Let the Passat be an Audi wanabe.

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  1. This is a car that can’t be changed much because it’s an update of an icon. It was consummate in 1998 when it first appeared.

    Unfortunately, the “new” Beetle isn’t a great car–really the mechanism of the Golf and with a substandard service record.

    When sales decline to some point, the car should be dropped.

  2. I can see why making it more upscale helps — look at who buys these cars, women that make over 75Kyear. They could afford an Audi, but want a trendy Beetle, complete with fresh flowers, but one with more creature comforts. (I don’t like the car regardless)

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