Alfa Romeo 159

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Nothing brand new. We’ve seen it before.
But I just wanted to take another look at what we’re missing in the US. Because GM and Fiat couldn’t get their acts together.

So what we have instead, is the new 3 series… This new Alfa looks so much better. They could have been the new Audi in the US.
Remember when the 1st A4 came out? Their reputation (over here) was crap. Because of that 60 minute show.
So they came out with a great car, for far less money than BMW and Mercedes.
They are now almost as expensive as these other guys.
Alfa could now have that position in the US market.

BMW execs should send a big fat gift basket to the Fiat/GM morons who couldn’t agree on bringing Alfa cars over here…

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  1. It’s nice, but it’s not a touch on the 156. I think the 156 is prettier. Also i have first hand experience its a really good drive too. Buy a 156 whilst you still can!

  2. alfas are still coming to the US there was an article in autoweek, and a couple other magazines, that is going to be part of their new plan, when was stated, but alfa is still coming.

  3. Sorry, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. Fiats current problems make GMs and Ford’s look tiny…

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