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This is one well thought out small car.
What a difference with the cheap stuff we get over here. We have our pick of small, uninspired Korean cars. Or the old Focus, which has now the ugliest and cheapest interior on the market.
This small Renault’s interior is better than almost anything sold over here. Including much more expensive mid sized cars!
The new Clio would be welcome here. Or anywhere for that matter.

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  1. Your completely right!! Don’t forget that this car is a whole sector down from the Focus. So its cheaper and smaller. I’m amazed at the kind of kit it has for the price like adaptive cornering zenon lights, climate control, full length electric glass sun roof and loads of other gadgets. It beats the Mini A class and BMW 1 series on kit by miles and theyr all way bigger and more expensive even without kit. I’m going to be buying one of these as soon as! Bye Bye Corsa!

  2. surely thats a reason to buy one…. France has culture, America has drive thrus and 1950s concrete monstrosities. Ooooh and remember French cars go round those things called ‘corners’.

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