Ford SAV production

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The SAV concept introduced a few months ago will go into production at the end of this year.
It will be replacing the aging Ford Galaxy minivan in Europe. And they might call it the D Max.
Because it is a size larger than the Focus based C Max. Duh…
It should be really close to this concept, except for the wheels and bumper. We’ll know more in September.

Another one we won’t see over here.
Let Ford get the Fairlane to replace their Freestyle Minivan. And Mercury should get this!!!

If they are really serious about saving the brand, that is…

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  1. What a great looking package! Daring yet practical. Ford needs to prove it can push the design envelope, instead of feeding us bland designs like the 500 and the Freestyle. Blatantly retro like the GT and the Mustang are evidence of boredom.

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