New renault Clio

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We also saw this car before. But these are officials.
And it is a big step from the current Clio.
I had the chance(or not) to ride in a Clio a couple of years ago, and was surprised how cheap everything looked and felt!
This one looks to be much, much better.
The interior seems fantastic for the size and price. Much better than the competition anyway.
The new Clio is based on the Renault/Nissan B platform. Which we won’t get, unless the new “smaller than Sentra” Nissan is based on it…

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  1. No, its a pretty french girls name. But then again you probably wouldnt know that because the chances are your probably some stupid obese American person who thinks “La Cross” would be a more suitable name for a french supermini. (btw thats french-canadian slang for pleasuring yourself)

  2. There was even a famous young (and pretty) French singer in the 80’s named Clio.

    But I don’t think just because someone has never heard the name Clio, they are “some stupid obese American person”.
    I have seen idiots in other countries too.

  3. Sorry Vince, not a dig at americans or anything. Just was in a bad mood! lol! Keep up the good work!

  4. Of course Clio is a girl’s name. The post was a joke, a play on words. Was it that far over your head? Next time you’re in a bad mood, try shoving your head up your ass. That way your inane and insulting comments are sufficiently muffled. BTW, the car’s ugly.

  5. Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny? It wasn’t over my head, rather so pathetic; my 8yr old daughter says funnier things in her sleep. As far as your comments concerning “shoving my head up my ‘ass'”; that would prove impossible for me to do. In order to complete the task i’d need to remove my head, rendering myself dead. Therefore i could not take the necessary steps to insert it up my ‘ass’.
    As far as the car being “ugly” thats totally subjective, I personally feel it’s a great improvement on the current Clio.
    Lastly I think this should probably be the end of this, as this site is about cars and what Vince thinks of them, not personal brawls in the comments section.

  6. “…I’d need to remove my head, rendering myself dead”. Hey, there’s an idea!

    Now, back to the car…

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