Opel Vectra

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The top photos are the new one.
And as expected, that new front end looks awfully close to the upcoming Saturn Aura.
But they pretty much kept the rest of the car as it was before. Except for the stuff that is cheap to change, like the tail lights, wheels and bumpers.

Even less news inside. But that is good news. The interior still looks great and upscale. Much better than anything GM offers over here…

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  1. That CGI Illustration uses a picture of the Aura.
    I don’t think the next Holden would look like this. The Aura is FWD, and Holdens are RWD, not based on the same platforms.

  2. My guess is that except for the Saturn Sky front end style, the Saturn Aura will look more like the Holden Commodore shown at the site below:

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