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This is a nice one. That door design, with the super nice aluminum finish and wood looks very classy and futuristic at the same time.

This is the nightmare.
Having to go to the computer screen to use the radio.
They copied that form the dreadfull BMW iDrive system. A horrible idea…

Notice how easy it is for that guy to use the computer mouse/wheel thingy…While the car is parked!!!!
What happens if you change your mind about the temperature, or what you’re listening to, while you are driving!

These computerized systems are insane.
There was nothing wrong with a few dials on the console! Also, notice that ugly hump the screen requires to “fit” that screen on top of the dash. And the lower part of it is just a BMW 7 series rip off. Amazing.

The should ask Lexus, Acura and Infiniti for some advice… Fast.

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  1. Vince, you are like totally right. I mean I can’t hardly figure out how to work the automatic climate control on my Honda Accord and then they copy something BMW did. Talk about S-T-U-P-I-D!!

  2. I like using a computer, but it’s parked on my desk! It’s nuts to think of surfing the radio, etc. while driving.

    In their quest to eliminate buttons and knobs from dashboards, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, et al are using computer-inspired controls that are too distracting unless there’s a co-pilot in the car.

    My ’04 Honda Accord EX-L (no navigation) is very intuitive and is a pleasure to use even though there is a small LCD screen to show radio and climate control settings. It’s as hi-tech as I want without being silly and dangerous.

  3. Nevertheless, BMW and Mercedes might seem unintuitive at the moment, in 5 years every Infiniti, Lexus etc will have this kind of instrument boards, I’m positive. They don’t make such things without a reason. BMW 7-series was harshly criticized for its i-Drive, now it’ becoming standard in many vehicles. Bangle is a genius, if you ask me.

    Martin from Yurop

  4. Hi guys. You know what, I think these cars are taking a step back. I mean, nothing beats a touchscreen in my opinion – for example, the standard one now on all Lexuses except the IS. I wonder why manufacturers are not using this technology. And totally agree with Vince – it’s actually not very pretty either. It’s not only the hump – I just don’t feel centre consoles should look like a chest of drawers.

  5. It’s ok, in the new S-Class, you can afford take yours eyes off the road for up to 30 seconds trying to switch from FM to CD disc 3, because PRESAFE will definitely save you… with some luck.

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