Saturn Signum?

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How about it?
A “wagon” version of the upcoming Aura. That would be nice and I bet would work too.
Without spending too much money, GM could have a great looking 5 door version of the new Saturn.
Think of it as a smaller, more civilized version of the Dodge magnum…

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  1. They’ve sold about 4 Vauxhall Signums in what is probably GM’s biggest European Market. Hope they sell more in America, as the car is actually very good, although I doubt they will!

  2. That would sound like a duplicate to the Malibu Maxx. A better idea would be to develope a ‘tall wagon’ off the platform to compete with the Mazda5 – a bit bigger for probably less money.

  3. I think it would sell great. I sure hope it comes. I havent seen a wagon look that good in my life. I would sure buy it!!

  4. It’s not a wagon. It’s a Hatchback. It’s an “executive, lifestyle, luxury niche thing”. The Vectra Wagon is completely different.

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