Ssang Yong Kyron

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These are the official shots of the new Ssang Yong SUV. It looks pretty nice, and much, much better than some of their other offerings…
It even has now an independant rear suspension!
And, like most other Ssang Yong, uses a Mercedes diesel engine, In this case, the 2.7 Liter with 176hp.
Sales in Europe should start soon after September.

But listen to this: they are considering the US market!
No idea who would import them over here. Or how long it could take to set up a dealer network.
Maybe they are thinking of a distribution partner???
Who knows.

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  1. What?! have you lost it Vince?! Firstly the Rexton is clearly better looking and secondly its not very good looking at all! its clearly designed by the same guy that did the hideous Rodius MPV thing!

  2. I really don’t think I’ve lost it.
    I am not under any medication, and my alcohol intake is pretty much in check…
    I still think this has nothing to do with the horrific looking Rodius.
    I agree the rexton IS better looking. But this isn’t that far behind.

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