2006 European Honda Civic

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Without a doubt, one of the most modern car on the market. And the only Japanese design able to compete with European cars like the 307 or the Megane.
The horrible thing is… We won’t get it.

This is a spy shots of the US Civic. I think it is too early to tell if both cars share the great looking interior.

The US Civic will, once more, be a boring “trunk added” version of the European one.
Honda chose to stay behind the competition in the US. The Focus and Mazda 3 hatchbacks are big hits over here, but Honda just doesn’t get it.
They could at least try to offer the Hybrid Civic with this design.

The US Civic looks like what some old, retired men over 80 would drive in Europe

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  1. Maybe you’ll actually have a chance to see for yourself.
    Honda might be more inclined to send over the Hatchback to Canada.

  2. Note that the back bumper is combined with the lower part of the rear hatch.

    A light tap on the rear might result in too much damage–a bad design.

    Still a slick car that should be offered in the U.S.

  3. You’re right about that bumper/trunk design!
    I didn’t notice it before. That’s really weird and doesn’t make any sence.
    And that is one thing that would never pass the US bumper standards.
    So we are never getting this over here.

  4. Yes, the exterior design is modern, but it’s tortured, haphazard, and downright ugly. However, the interior is suprisingly different from anything else and looks to be very user friendly.

    Oh well, at least it has that all-important 1986 Mercury Sable “light bar” across the front. 😉

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    It’s such a pleasure to read your post …. Interesting! I was over at another site

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    and they didn’t go into as much detail as you, but nonetheless interesting.

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