2006 Ford Fusion details

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I must say I am a bit disapointed by the light interior. (no wonder all the previous press stuff was showing the black one…)
The fake wood is similar to the one used in the F150 truck and it looks like crap!

The overall color is that kind of beige, not cream, that japanese cars used 10 years ago.
Not too classy.
And the console details reveals… Well.. Not much. Just the usual. Nothing more than what every other mid sized sedan in the US has to offer.

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  1. Vince I don’t like using the cliche “I told you so” but in this instance I’m invoking it here. When you first mentioned the Fusion remember that I said let’s see how it looks with a lighter interior? Still think this interior is light years ahead of the new ’06 Sonata?

    In any event they did manage to get the exterior of the car right. This car will sell some and probably see duty in fleets and rentals.


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