2006 Ford Fusion

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Just a quick reminder of how good looking it looks. (for an unasuming under $20 000 family sedan).
And that should spell trouble for the new Sonata…

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  1. It’s still a Ford and that kills it for me–the one Ford I had was a consummate POS. I’d prefer the Mazda 6 on which the Fusion is based.

    When comparing the Mazda 6 against the Honda Accord a couple of years ago, the Accord was much better in most respects.

    I wish Ford well and the Fusion looks like an attractive car, but on close inspection, I’ll bet it’ll be less of a car than all the current hype suggests.

  2. Very nice car, should be a big hit. Even bigger when they get the 3.5L which I have heard about for soooooo long now. Will that engine ever actually be put in
    fords cars or is it just a figment of fords imagination?

  3. It looks amazing. Far from the crap designs of the 500 and freestyle which lacked any real style of their own.

  4. Striking good looks, solid powertrain (the 3.5L will be incredible when it arrives), proven mechanicals, will handle like it’s riding on rails if it’s anything like the Mazda6, and will offer a real alternative to people who don’t like uninspiring, vanilla cars like the Camry and Accord. Sounds good to me!

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