2006 Honda Civic Coupe Si

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Any day now we should have official pictures of the new Civic for the US.

While the Sedan is a horrible mix of the old model and the new European one, (the front doors anf hood) the US Coupe is actually pretty nice looking.
And modern too.
They are repeating the mistake they made with the Accord. The coupe was much better looking than the boring sedan. So now, for 2006, they are redesigning the sedan’s rear part to look more like the coupe!
Why don’t they learn something from this???
I bet in a couple of years, the Civic Sedan will be redesigned so the rear looks more like the coupe.

I am not a fan of spoilers, and I think most people actually do not need 200hp in a compact car. So I would go for the regular LX or EX model.

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  1. My bro in law used to have one of the rare 2000-2001 Honda Civic Si COUPES (not the crappy hatchback thing with the ugly shifter) and it had 160 horsepower. But only 112 ib-ft torque. It had plenty of high end power. But Honda has announced that it will be putting more focus on torque from their new 1.8 liters going into the Civic. So this photo (which looks really fake buy the way, but I dont blame you Vince) depicts the awesome looks of the next Si. I cant wait!! It will be quite overpowered though. AWESOME!!

  2. fake? there are lots of pictures of this car all over the net, spy photos from many different angles and locations. it looks to be a beautiful car, but the picture isnt fake.

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