2006 Honda Pilot

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Just when you thought they couldn’t make that thing any uglier.
Well, it can be done. Just look at this squared off mess!

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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for some reason, I like this better that the current Pilot. It’s a bit bolder, and I think the Pilot needs that. To my eye it looked like an older Grand Cherokee, except not as well tied together. The Pilot is a fine vehicle for the SUV crowd (I’m not one of them).

  2. First impressions? Why do we need another variant of the GM minivan…

    I like the Pilot, the current one.


  3. How good can any of these boxes look? At least the Honda Pilot is a good vehicle. It’s what I’d probably buy if I needed an SUV (which I don’t).

  4. I am not saying it is bad.
    It is based on a great car platform, has a great engine and is probably safer than any truck based SUV.
    But it tries to look like an ugly truck based SUV.
    Even if it drives great, I’d rather have a Murano, RX 330 any day. Or the new B9 Subaru.

  5. I haven’t like Honda designs for quite some time. Just look at the awful Accord rump (redesigned for next year obviously due to flack), the tasteful but boring Civic line, the grotesque Ridgeline and Element, and the rather bland S2000. They’ve lost their touch, and this Pilot just continues the downward trend.

  6. If this is the new 2006 Pilot, honda has really fu**ed up! What a disaster! With the competition only bringing out better products, Honda needs to improve their style. The Mazda CX-7 is amazing compared to this. I have a 2004 Pilot, and i think it looks so much better than this update. Yikes!
    Strike one…. Ridgeline! Strike two…2006 Pilot.

  7. The Pilot is a very reliable SUV, I have a Pilot and I love this automobile. I plan on upgrading to the 2006 Pilot when it comes out. You can never go wrong when you are driving a Honda vehicle.

  8. It is not a photochop it is indeed a testing Honda Pilot I saw the pictures somewhere else from a reliable source.

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  10. This is someone’s crappy photoshop work and NOT the actual production car. You can clearly see from this spyshot the new pilot has HID and looks nothing like this shitty mock up of yours. I love your blog and I check it daily, but please stop posting crappy shit like this.

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