2006 Opel Astra “Twin Top”

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Just after Volvo introduced their new C70, Opel is showing us official picures of the new convertible Astra.
And it looks great. maybe even better than the Volvo.

The Volvo is now rumored to cost about $35 000 in the US. A major scam!
It is based on the $24 000 S40. And should not cost $11 000 over the sedan!
They just call it C70 so they can price it above the S60.
As I said, a scam.

For my money, give me this Astra any day. It should be about $10 000 less than the Volvo, and Opel usually have a very high reliability record. Something Volvo is still working on.
Engines will be similar to the Hatchback version.

I don”t think there is any way this car could find its way over here. Unless GM decides to make it a Saturn. Which would be a fantastic idea! Or even a Cobalt????

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  1. It looks better with a Vauxhall Grille. I thought Volvo had a good reliability record?? GM Europe really does have a great range at the moment! The agile VX220 Roadster, the dirt cheap Monaro VXR and the wicked new Astra VXR which is way faster than a Golf GTI or a Renaultsport Megane. Not to mention the new Zafira and cool new Tigra! All we need now is an interesting new Vectra. Also the Corsa is starting to show its age, and whilst it is indestructible the new Corsa could do wi th feeling more solid (better percieved build), and going by the spyshots of the new Corsa things are looking good.

  2. Most people confuse “safe” and “reliable”.
    Volvo has improved, but in the latest JD Powers survey, they rated 23rd out of 38 brands.
    Behing Hyundai, almost every US brand,and most japanes ones.
    Nissan and Mitsubishi are actually behind.
    This research was done for 3 year old cars.
    Not the 3 month new owner survey, published a few months ago, where Hyundai almost came 1st.

  3. …Pontiac could use one of these to replace the Sunfire…after all the Astra is built on the same chassis as the Cobalt/Ion/G4 and therefore would be inexpensive to build.

    It would be the little brother to the G6.

  4. No, Cobalt and Ion are built on the previous Astra platform. The new Astra is a completely new design.


  5. I am alway surprised by Volvo reliability, I have owned the S60 T5, V50 T5, XC90 and have never had any maintenance issues. There was one recall for a computer reprogram! Wish is was that lucky at the casino!

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