2006 Pontiac Solstice

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Here is proof that the Solstice might just be the best looking $20 000 out there. Whenever it actually comes out.
This looks to be the base version, without leather seats or automatic.
Unless it turns out to be 100% crap, ( it doesn’t look like it) it should be very tough competition to the new Miata.

The Mazda is very nice, but has none of the inspired styling of the Pontiac.

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  1. I agree the Solstice has the Miata beat from a styling standpoint (with the top down anyway), but there’s no comparing GM’s “quality” with Mazda’s. I might *rent* a Solstice over a Miata for a weekend, but I’d never buy one.

  2. ahhhh yes gm sells alot more cars then mazda cause they are around 5 times bigger than mazda worldwide ! so that comment is crap ! also ever see a rebate on a miata ! nope, will we see rebates on the solstce next summer you bet !

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