2006 Saab 9.5

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Once again: What the hell???

I thought at first these were fake. But I don’t think they are.
The front headlights surrounds look like some kind of camouflage, but I think it is actually a weird metal finish.
The new front end actually looks very nice, and should be on all Saabs.

But the poor old 9.5 needs a complete redesign. A real one, and fast…

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  1. Who needs one of these when there are so many worthy competitors that look so much better and probably drive better, too?

    Saab is dead.

  2. I think it’s too early to say that Saab is dead.
    We should wait to see what’s next.
    What the Subaru based SUV will look like. And what the next 9.5 will be.
    I would give them 2 or 3 years before a death certificate.

  3. I disagree the jury is in and that front end looks soooo much like the current “chevy”impala/(lumina-retired) ooch)! Saab or is it (sob) has lost it’s way and should be put out in the pasture land of Autobrands of yester years. Thanks GM for another victim of your Autocide!

  4. i think the front end looks good, like that old 9-x concept. but personally i dont think gm can afford to fix saab, and if it did how do they do it without directly fighting cadillac(why does gm have cars that compete with each other.) and how many know the 9-5 still exists, and who cares that it does?, they should give saab the kappa platform stretch it and underpin all their cars, like holden does, with one platform, wide rear wheel drive high performance, seems like a good fix…?

  5. Yeah, and whilst we do that we could take the Vauchall Corsa and make the Saab 9-1.I’m sure they could rebadge another Cadillac as well. Saab doesnt need platform sharing, it needs originality, classic Saab turbochargers and quirky styling. As for the 9-5, its a good car, and as far as its age its newer than the majority of the cars thrown together in America

  6. Normally im a supporter of saab. Theyre designs have always been top notch as this aging 9-5 proves that it still looks good. The problem is potential and it just doesnt make sense for GM to devote the nessecary resources to Saab as opposed to pontiac or buick. Its hard to imagine GM is even contemplating much of a next generation saab fleet. If saab is to stay in the game they will have to limit their lineup to 2 or 3 really fresh models. The next 9-3, a crossover, and a new 9-5 on the new fwd platform.

  7. Sure the 9.5 IS a good car.
    But it looked old before it even came out. I remember seeing prototypes driving around 6 months before it actually came out. And thinking how conservative and almost outdated it already was!
    By now they need something “all new”.
    And I wouldn’t put all “cars thrown together in America” in the same bag.
    Sure, we have Neons and Tauruses. But we also have very decent affordable cars like the G6, Chrysler 300, Ford 500, and more are on the way.
    The 9.5 is not really affordable. It competes with pretty nice (and modern) models from Audi, BMW. And here even Lexus, Acura or Infiniti.

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