2007 Chrysler Midsize coupe

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These come to us from Germany.
I have no idea how old they actually are. (illustrations by Mark Stherenberger).

They claim to represent the 2007 Sebring. which would be wrong. The front end is obviously a Dodge. But Dodge never had a convertible version of the Chrysler Sebring??
And they are not going to have a Stratus coupe based on the new Eclipse.
So what is this???
A coupe and convertible version of the new Charger???

Maybe they are thinking of having their own version of the next Sebring, and a new coupe as well. Why not!
But the next Sebring is supposed to be a hard top convertible. So they don’t need a regular coupe model.

I just hope the actual Sebring looks a bit better. this “Dodge version” just looks like a smaller Charger. I hope they don’t use that car as their model for thiungs to come…

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  1. Stehrenberger is known for using oversized wheels on all of his illustrations, and this one is no exception. Could be 22″ wheels. I doubt the finished product will look this sleek. More likely it will look like the Charger sedan, which looks like it hit a wall.

  2. The “swiss master” is also rarely wrong.
    So (besides the big wheels) these must be pretty close to what’s coming up…

  3. everywhere ive read has this billed as a mustang fighter, but how can they fight the mustang on a platform this exspensive? the mustang v8 starts at like 25, the v6 at around 19. the charger v8 is 30000, and the v6 starts at around the price of a mustang v8. i dont see it, and they look way to much like simply a 2 door charger, (an ugly car, from the start) but the coupes dont look to bad, but could be alot better.

  4. I think these look pretty cool. The front end is closer to Caliber than anything else.

    I highly doubt that this coupe will sit on the LX platform. My guess is that be derived from the upcoming Stratus replacement platform.

    Someone at DCX has seen a turbo charged V-6. That may be going into the coupe. Who knows.

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