2007 Toyota Camry

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The next Camry has been testing in the desert for a while.
The best camouflage feature? The big Honda logo up front!!
Isn’t that a riot?!?!!

It is pretty funny to see people all over the web discussing the “new” Camry photos of the camouflaged prototypes. When a few weeks ago, these pictures were available.
Showing the whole car without any cover.

So stop guessing. This is what it will look like when released next year…

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  1. I am sorry.
    But making sure some guy named “anonymous” believe what I do for a living is not really on the top of my list.
    For all you know I could be George W Bush, or the Queen of England…

  2. You’re one handsome guy, Vince. I really enjoy your website.

    Speaking of handsome, the new Camry sheetmetal looks like a winner. They seemed to have jazzed up the current slab-sided panels and gave it a more elegantly agressive look. Keeping it all in the family, I notice a bit of Avalon in the front grill area and taillight treatments. Appears to be the same platform as the current car by the shape of the roofline and the doors and windows.

  3. why was my post removed? I didnt say anything controversial! i just stuck up for Vince, is it illegal?

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