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These are early photos of the all new Fiat Punto.
It is much more modern than the current version. And a very important for Fiat’s future.
A huge chunk of their profits comes from that model. Kind of like the F150 for Ford.
It will be presented in September.

The current Punto. Ruined a couple of years ago with a boring new front design.

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  1. I think it looks very good, especially in three-door trim (there’s a black 4-door pic floating around the net for comparision). The mechanicals are all supposed to be good since Fiat saved a bundle of cash by developing this platform with GM to use on the next Opel/Vauxhall Corsa. If they can price it right and deliver a nice interior and driving experience, then I think that Fiat will have a competitive product on their hands.

    Now all we need is a new Stilo to compliment this car followed by a new Cinquecento — then Fiat should be okay, for awhile anyway.

  2. i can’t help noticing how similar these photos of the new Punto look to the U.S-market Suzuki Reno. especially the front headlights and the crease running along side of the car. even though the front end of the car altogether looks more like a maserati than a suzuki, you can still find a car in the U.S. with somewaht similar styling (minus the grille, wheels, tailights, badges) that probably will end up driving just the same (fiat puntos aren’t usually all too sporty, neither is the suzuki).

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