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Mitsubishi will be showing this new concept in Europe, this coming September.
The production version of that car will be a size larger than the Colt, and will compete with cars like the Golf and Focus.
This is pretty much what the Lancer is supposed to be.
So I wonder if this is the next Lancer?
In a hatchback version for the European market.
Let’s hope it is.
Even if it looks half as modern as this drawing, it would be a giant step forward.

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  1. I have seen this car many times in cartoons.

    Explain to me why you would pay someone to copy a design from a kid’s show.


  2. Just another slick sketch of something that can’t be manufactured and will never be offered for sale.

    I’m tired of these nitwit concept things that tease auto enthusiasts.

    When these cars are finally available, most are boring crap and only the concept’s name survives. Buick LaCrosse, anyone?

  3. Its really amazing how mitsu fell soo far and soo quickly and its all do to the fact that their designs have consistently been off.

    Also, as u said, cars like the lacrosse and g6 went from breathtaking concepts (that were more or less producable) to average played down designs in their street versions.

  4. Are you sure this isn’t an Alfa-Romeo?? Totally tailights!! Of course like you know it says Mitsubishi and all but it looks like an Alfa!

  5. I think this car will only be a concept, but in a more realistic form it could be the next Lancer. I think it’s the Mitsu’s interpretation on the Dodge Caliber platform.


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