Rover saved! Really?

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Seems like the Chinese bought the last British car maker.
The Nanjing Automobile company should be the new owner of Rover and MG if everything goes according to plans.
They bought the rights to the Rover 25 and 75. Not the 45. This model is based on an old Honda Civic and the rights are still owned by Honda.
They also own the MG ZR and ZT.
Engines will be made in China.
The cars should still be manufactured in England.

I just wonder if Nanjing will use this to flood the European market with Chinese cars under the Rover brand…

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  1. no no no no. SAIC own the rights to the 25/75 and K series engines. Nanjing merely purchased the Longbridge factory and MG marque. I doubt they will get permission from BMW to use the Rover Badge as BMW has made several hints.

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