Slow news day…(Again)

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While we are waiting for real car news.
Like the new Volvo S30, or the Civic, 2006 Accord, next RAV4, 2007 Camry, 2007 Altima or even new headlights on anything…
Here are a few pictures taken Overseas.
You can almost see cars in the background…

By the way, what car are YOU waiting for the most ???

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  1. I’m waiting for the next generation GM 900 series trucks. Also waiting for the next generation CTS, according the press who got a preview, the styling is supposed to be awesome.

  2. Well, the 2006 Accord is a “refresh” with new rear design. That’s the main thing. The front might end up having a chrome bar instead of dark grey.
    I think the interior is the same.

    I didn’t know the press had already seen the next CTS. If that’s the case it might be shown at Detroit next January for sale later in 2006…
    I got a car last year myself, so I am not in the market, but I am really interested in the small Volvo hatchback.

  3. I’m eagerly anticipating the new Yugo. I miss not having such an antiquated dreck to ridicule. No current car comes close!!

  4. Subaru minivan with boxer and AWD (autoweek news). If Kia can, so does Subaru. Not because I would buy one (perhaps) but because they need this before GM drown they like Isuzu.

  5. About the 2006 Accord… I don’t get it. Honda just put new taillights on it. Well not really but changed the color. And there are even some interior modifications in it. Why would they need to do it again?? Are people losing interest? HONDA CUSTOMERS LOSING INTEREST?? Well I certainly am not. My parents both own brand new Accord Hybrids and they are absolutely AWESOME. I have just a plain ole V-6 and I like it but… wait why am I getting off on that? sorry people. I am anxious to see what magic Honda can whip up.
    John Randolf

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